Upgrading To Pro

Think of upgrading to Milla Pro as getting the keys to the city!

For just $5.00/month CAD (plus any applicable taxes), you'll unlock a plethora of amazing features:

  • Imagine having unlimited access to MTL Blog's Concierge
  • Experiencing a seamless browsing journey with an ad-free environment
  • Get access to a magical 'Summarize' button to turn detailed articles into three concise bullet points.

And that's not all!

Soon you'll be able to upgrade your avatar with exclusive skins and merch, and earn free cashback on both local and national purchases from over 1,000+ participating stores.

Just hit the "Upgrade to Pro" or "Try Pro" on the website of your choice:

  • MTL Blog Pro
  • Narcity Pro (coming soon)
  • Milla Pro (coming soon)
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